If your ancestor was Alfred Artichoke, then…

Which surname can be given to a FOUNDLING?

Fir, Oak and Terebinth, and then Juniper, Cherry Tree, Poplar…

In this town of the Biella province, 22 babies who were abandoned between 1836 and 1851 were named after trees, fruits and vegetables.

Who is the descendant of Alfred Artichoke? 😁

Here is the translation of the surnames (I couldn’t catch some, though… my gardening skill is very bad)

Beech – Fir – Chestnut – Oak – Cherry tree – Bush – Boxwood – Mulberry – Hop – Apricot tree – Terebinth – Poplar – Peach tree – Paprika – Juniper – Artichoke – Melon – Acacia – Burnet

Credits of the vectorial trees: <a href=”https://it.vecteezy.com/vettori-gratis/alberi”>Alberi Vettori di Vecteezy</a>

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