If you are planning a travel to Italy

Or if you prefer to sit on your sofa and discover your family history from a distance

For a present to a relative

Or for your own pleasure

It is not a standard tourists’ guide.

It is not about art galleries or Roman ruins or shopping tips

it is your personal travel guide

to the discovery of your family history

I will base on your ancestors’ known info to investigate in archives, books, churches and cemeteries, with the aim of finding out all visitable places related to your ancestors.

It may be their house and estates, the church where they were baptised, the graves of your distant relatives or new, surprising info that will pop out during the research job.

Your PERSONAL TRAVEL GUIDE will be a booklet of around 40-50 pages focusing only on your family and fully customized, with maps, exclusive pictures and descriptions to guide you to your ancestors’s places and history.

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(the video was deliberately posted in low resolution to protect my customer’s privacy. The names were removed from the pictures for the same reason)