Genealogy research in archives & results



The preparation job

Collect all info you have about your ancestors: documents, photographs, family lore… every detail can be important!

Send me all the info, I will analyse it and plan the research: basing on the starting data and the results you wish to get, I will evaluate which archive may store the documents needed to proceed with your research.

I will then call the necessary offices, archives and parishes, and schedule the visit on site.

The payment will be requested only when then the meeting with the archive will be fixed.


The research

I will go to the selected archive and research, at first, the data you need, then all the other info I may find on the way.

The quantity of data that I may find depends on many factors: first of all the time allowed for the search, then the quantity and quality of the books. According to your wish, I could concentrate my efforts searching all ancestors of all family lines in a short period, or follow a single line – usually the father’s line – in the long period, i.e. as far back as the record books are showing.

With a bit of luck the results may include several generations and collateral family lines (siblings of your ancestors) as well as details about their lives: their job, address, military life, godparents, cause of death etc.

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The results

Once the on site research is finished, I will elaborate and organize all data and provide you

  • A detailed, narrative report that combines rigorously proved data with a storytelling style that will make your ancestors “come to life”.
  • A family tree including all names, dates of birth, marriage, death, address, job, parents, siblings etc..
  • High resolution JPG images of all records related to your ancestors, cut and enhanced for better reading
  • A list with the sources of every document

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What’s next?

I do not commit people to long research works: every one-day research is on its own, but you may wish to discover more after this first step.

You may want to trace your lineage further back in time, implement your family tree with collateral branches or even research the other descendants of your ancestors – your Italian cousins.

Or you may wish to delve into the story of your ancestors, learning where their house or their working place were, something about their military life etc.

Tell me your wishes and I will go on researching in your favorite direction!

And if your dream is to come to Italy and walk on the same streets your ancestors trod, look at the same landscape, pray in the same church where they did it and read your ancestors’ names on the real, centuries old record books,  I am available to guide you through all that with a customized ancestry tour.

Check this page to learn more about ancestry tours:

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The area where I work is in North West Italy and includes the regions Piemonte (Piedmont), Valle d’Aosta (Aosta Valley), Lombardia (Lombardy), Liguria.

If you need a research in nearby regions such as Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Toscana (Tuscany) or in the Swiss canton Ticino, don’t hesitate to get in touch: I may be able to research there, too.


You can find all places where I researched so far in the following map, which I update steadily: